Throne of Thunder: The First Half

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Throne of Thunder First Half GuidesThrone of Thunder is the new raid in Patch 5.2, consisting of 12 bosses and a 13th heroic-only boss. Since we’re now legit-good and crushing through content, we should aim to be World top-1,000 in T15. This is achievable if we stay focused and everybody prepares for each fight in advance.

To help this effort, I have made guides to the first 6 normal-mode bosses. Please click the boss names for a video link that gives you a good overview of the fight. Please familiarize yourselves with the fights and what will be required from your role. I would end this inspirational intro section with something like Lok’tar Ogar or some similarly lame sentiment but that would make me a douche. How about ‘don’t suck or we’ll bench you.’ MOTIVATION! Or maybe ‘hit the gong.’ read more

Heart of Fear Preparation

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Heart of Fear PreparationWe will be going into Heart of Fear on Wednesday, Oct. 31st, the first week of its release. We are doing this rather than continuing to work on Mogu’shan Vaults heroic progression for many reasons:

1) iLevel of HoF normal is 496 vs. 502 from MV heroic items; this is not a significant difference, especially considering relative difficulty.

2) Tier drops in HoF, and tier bonuses can make up for those 6 iLevels.

3) More total bosses = more total loot per week, a more powerful raid, and faster overall progression towards 16/16H. If we clear HoF and clear MV normal on an off-day (we’ve proven it takes 90 minutes or less), that’s 24 total items, rather than a combination of 12 normal/heroic items (which average out to a lower ilevel).

4) Sha-touched weapons and legendary gems are only available by clearing Heart of Fear and Terrace of Endless Spring.

5) No class has more than 3 best in slot items (out of 15 or 16 total depending on 1H/2H) in Mogu’shan Vaults. Most classes have only 1 or 2 of their best in slot items from there. Almost all are in HoF or ToES.

6) Finally, and most importantly, Heart of Fear looks like the most fun raid in a long time.

So – to prepare for our epic domination of the bosses, read the following guides and click the boss names after (since our written strategy will differ slightly from the videos to cater to our raid composition) having done so to watch videos. Please be ready for all 6 fights as we are optimistic about week 1! read more

Mists of Pandaria Raid Preparation

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MoP PreparationIn preparation for raiding Mogu’shan Vaults, the first raid in MoP (releases on Tuesday, October 2nd; our first raid is scheduled for Wednesday, October 3rd), you should plan to be:

1) Level 90

2) Geared in mostly new 5-man heroic dungeon gear

3) Correctly reforged and mostly gemmed and enchanted (depending on availability/prices)

4) Familiar with at least the first 4 raid bosses

1-3 are your responsibility, but please read the following raid strategy guides (and attached video links) for the encounters in Mogu’shan Vaults. They will be explained to you when we get there, but familiarity is a good thing. read more

Friday Links: Hoighty Toity Tippy Typer Edition

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Friday Links: Hoighty Toity Tippy Typer EditionYou should see my face when Americans call a breaddystack a sandwich. Pish posh.

Keep reading for Canada’s new bank notes, the card wizard and the Fantastic and Inglorious Mr. Fox. read more

Friday Links: Herman Cain Edition

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Friday Links: Herman Cain EditionThis is one of those things that will haunt you for the rest of your life. At least if you’re that kid. By haunt of course, I mean he’ll find it hilarious and will forever be awesome.

Since it’s a double week – we have two top stories. It’s Mike Tyson time – this time as Herman Cain. Good times … potato salad.

Keep reading for Liam Neeson in Life’s Too Short, parachuting with eagles and bullet time surfing. read more

Friday Links: Teaser Edition

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Friday Links: Teaser EditionMy computer totally imploded this week, which made it rather difficult to catch up on all the links. What that means is that there are just a few teaser links this week. What it also means is that next week is going to be an epic DOUBLE WEEK! Prepare yourselves.

First up we have the Softiemaker: your child’s random drawings in stuffed animal form.

Secondly we have Zach Galifianakis from 1999. I can see why his style stood out so much, especially in the late ’90’s.

Friday Links: Shark Pool Edition

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Friday Links: Shark Pool EditionThe upcoming box office smash of 2011: Shark Pool. Get psyched.It’s almost sad that this seems like it could be a real movie in today’s pathetic landscape.

Keep reading for a truly presidential photo, dare to fight and the zombie safe house compilation 0f 2011. read more

Friday Links: 5 Second Film Edition

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Friday Links: 5 Second Film EditionThe top 20 five second films, part deux. Good times – these are generally hit and miss but there’s enough amusing crap in there.

As a second little bonus – here is an epic video done for a Microsoft press conference. Gates and Ballmer, Night at the Roxbury.

Keep reading for Harrison Ford Uncharted, Robert Downey Jr. and Lord Monckton. read more

Friday Links: Bill Gates Edition

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Friday Links: Bill Gates EditionWho thought this was a good question? What the hell is happening? None of this makes any sense.

Keep reading for The Avengers, the infamous double handshake fail and the ranch dressing stunt gone wrong. read more

Friday Links: Seal Snuggle Edition

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Friday Links: Seal Snuggle EditionSeal snuggle. It was cute until he realized the seals weigh hundreds of pounds and were crushing his skeleton. Oh the humanity.

Keep reading for Being Elmo, surfing the red tide and a ridiculous  snowmobile crash. read more